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5 facts about… Nicholson

In the first of a brand-new feature we reveal 5 unknown facts about your favourite DJ / producer. No questions, just pure facts… First up is trance supremo Nicholson…

My Trade Baby name is ‘Charlene’ and I can do feminine more than most birds with bells on.

The reason ‘Tony De Vit’ was called ‘Tory Tony’ is not only was he non political, it boiled his piss when mates debated on it. I wasn’t either but made it my business to call him out, especially on gay rights. My ultimate response was always ‘I don’t mind what you do as long as you don’t ram it down my throat’

I was a semi finalist in the 1999 Coca Cola DJ of the Year competition. I played ‘Horny Horns’ over ‘Lock ‘n’ Load’. Pele from Peach beat me because he worked out he could use pyrotechnics!

I bough, blew up and let loose 16 blow up dolphins during Andy Whitby’s set at Logic Fest. Why..? because he is known as Dolphin Head in London. Whitby and myself have a very long and chequered history.

I have never had a threesome.  I’m not up for a threesome, I don’t like willies and I was never Brad Pitt!

Nicholson ‘Beautiful Day; is out now. Download & Stream the release here:

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