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5 facts about… Bryn Whiting

This week trance supremo Bryn Whiting reveals fine unknown facts about himself…

I used to rollerblade every weekend when I was 13-17 and there was a competition in London to go to Europe to compete to be a pro. I went to the competition and I ended up just outside the top 10 to go to Europe.

When I was growing up I never used to eat any vegetables. Looking back on it now I feel really bad on my parents as they wouldn’t let me down from the table until I had eaten all my veg and I would sit there for hours. They would eventually cave in and let me down. I’ve now changed and I like some veg but not all I hate peas, Brussel sprouts and onions, to name a few .

I’ve never liked beer… it’s just a rank taste. I always try it every now and again to see if I like it but NOPE! I have a real sweet tooth so I’m a cider drinker and I like flavoured gins so basically I’m a girly drinker. I get the piss taken out of me all the time!

I asked Lisa Lashes to marry me at Slinky. I had seen her loads of times before and she had always said hello and always gave me a glass of champagne in front of everyone which was really nice. There was this Beautiful DJ with bright red, long hair and she was incredible. I was really drunk one time and I held up a sign and she read it and smiled and said ok and winked! I’m still waiting Lisa!!!

At 1 point I had two pairs of Signed Tiësto headphones. I caught a pair when he threw them out into the crowd when he played to a sold-out event at London’s 02 Arena. The second pair he gave me in Ibiza when I did a season over there. I used to go every week and be at the front and he would always recognise me. At one event, he walked round and gave me the headphones and invited me backstage after the event! I stupidly sold both of them when I was really desperate for money Now looking back,  I really shouldn’t of sold them…

Thanks Tiësto!

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